Glass Caverns

by Glass Caverns

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SeventhAgent Gorgeous, calming, surreal, melancholy, and ultimately uplifting. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Let It Unfold.
Sebastian Langkilde
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Sebastian Langkilde Super chill and trippy album from Barack Cantrell. Melt away with this in the sun. Favorite track: Slow Lava.
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released December 20, 2011



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Glass Caverns Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Translucid
This place is shifting shapes
Sky reflecting on crystalline waves
Here we are a passing dream
Through the fog you can hear the glaciers sing

Language of barriers
Broken with a smile; there's no need for words
Lost in a thought, get caught in the rain
The only constant thing is constant change

Lights appear on the shore
and one by one fade away
Tides that carry us off
and further out from the bay
Track Name: Slow Lava
Slow approach the lava flows around my feet
I will ride the glowing tide into the sea
Dripping down - I can barely breathe
Ash collecting, blowing in the breeze

Watched the pressure build until the mountain blew
Held my ground for lack of knowing what to do
And the sky ruptured with a crack
Never warned and never going back

Ground starts shaking when you're talking to me
Coming apart at the seams
Tectonic ultrasonic apology
You're telling me lies that I can't believe
Track Name: Greenbelt
Cold river flow 'round the bend
Fill up the holes where we swim
Current set afloat all my limbs

And on these banks my love bathes
Sunlight trickles down her hands and face
She has claimed the sand her hiding place
Greenbelt and the world separate

When that river girl moves upstream
I will document from the trees
Every track and print that she leaves
Greenbelt and your heart share with me
Track Name: On The Rocks
Are you coming on to me?
Impressive as impressive can be
Laying long limbs on the grass
Pouring gold on your back

Love on the rocks under the sunlight
Radiant place you levitate right out of my arms
And turn the blue sky on

Got tangled in your legs
Like vines in the forest
Suns bleaching boulders
And burning our shoulders

Love on the rocks under the sunlight
Radiant place you levitate right out of my arms
And turn the blue sky on and on and on
Track Name: Let It Unfold
Tell me, what do you know
Can you really trust a man without a soul?
Hungry for some control
Turn around and keep walking down the road

Let it unfold out of the way
Nothing to show and nothing to say
To my face

Arms length that's where you keep
All the people you are ever going to meet
Limbs been attached to strings
Pull them tight I want to watch you dance and sing

Let it unfold out of the way
Nothing to show and nothing to say
Leave it alone, I'm not going to stay
And watch you dissolve: gradual fade
into space
Track Name: Tracing the Wichita Spine
Remember the rocks when the sun gets low?
There's no place to go but up the Wichita spine
We climbed it once - beginning of time
And you rode the buffalo off
Into clouds of white smoke
The signal fire burns
But will you return to me?
Track Name: Mineshaft/Tolvar
Waist deep in the grass cold ridges advance like clouds
Sweet smell of the pines they've gathered for miles around
And I dreamt you were waiting for me
Skin bright white in the sun at the edge of the valley

Out here on the land I'm watching the horses climb
Hills roll like a wave slow landscape apart from time
And I dreamt you were right here with me
Net brimming with trout, barefoot in a cold, cold stream

Wait for the dawn to illuminate the trail
When I hear you calling I'll meet you halfway there